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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache projects/software
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 14:33:51 GMT
Is there a reason we can't reuse the existing repository at ?

In your example, Eclipse could be configured to check for an update?

On 5/3/05, Jeffrey Liu <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to propose a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> projects/software. This may not be the correct place to ask this, but I
> can find a better place to do it, so I decided to start here. If this is
> not the right place, can somebody point me to the correct location?
> Thanks! Reason I propose an Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> projects/software is because Eclipse projects such as the Web Tools
> Platform (WTP) project often reuses software that are provided by Apache,
> for example, Axis, Tomcat, Derby, etc... Often times, these Apache
> software are not redistributed by the Eclipse projects, but instead, they
> are listed as prerequisites. This means, end users must first download the
> Eclipse project and all the Apache software prereq by the project, and
> configure these software in the Eclipse project before they can get
> started. This is error prone and hampers the out-of-the-box experience.
> Imagine the following scenario:
> A user downloads WTP. Unzip it and starts it up. S/he wants to create an
> Axis Web service. S/he launches the wizard that creates a Web service, but
> finds out s/he needs Tomcat and Axis. So s/he opens up her Web browser,
> goes to the Apache Web site and looks for the download page for Tomcat and
> Axis. S/he downloads and unzips Tomcat and Axis to the file system. Goes
> back to WTP and manually configures Tomcat and Axis into her workspace.
> S/he launches the wizard again and move on.
> This is easier than said. If there's an Eclipse update manager site for
> Apache software, then when the user finds out s/he needs Tomcat and Axis,
> all s/he needs to do now is launch the Eclipse update manager (URL to the
> Apache update site will be preloaded), select Tomcat and Axis and click
> Finish. The Eclipse update manager will download, install and configure
> Tomcat and Axis automatically. This is much better than asking the user to
> download and configure things manually. Also, this Eclipse update manager
> site is very useful when new versions of a Apache software is available.
> For example:
> Say Eclipse WTP 1.0 ships with Axis 1.2 support. If later on, Axis
> releases a critical fix for Axis 1.2's WSDL2Java emitter, then without an
> update site, we'll need to do one of the following...
> 1. Rebuild WTP 1.0 with the Axis fix
> 2. Ask users to manually update WTP
> 3. Wait for the next version of WTP.
> None of the above sound attractive. If there's an Eclipse update manager
> site setup for Apache, then end users can search and install new updates
> automatically by making just a few clicks. I believe this advances the
> integration between open source software that are provided in different
> domains (Apache, Eclipse, etc). I think this can benefit the open source
> community and can grow the open source ecosystem.
> Do I need to propose a new Apache project for something like this?
> Suggestions/comments are welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Jeffrey Liu
> IBM Rational Software - Performance Analyst
> IBM Toronto Lab.
> 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
> Internal mail: D3/R8V/8200/MKM (D3-268)
> T/L: 969 3531
> Tel: (905) 413 3531
> Fax: (905) 413 4920


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