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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Harmony: project purpose
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 10:42:54 GMT
Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 2005-05-07 at 14:38 -0500, Paul Hammant wrote:
>>GPL code can can import BSD, MIT, X11, W3C (etc) code but cannot 
>>currently Apache licensed.  That may well be worked out with an 
>>revision to the Apache Software License 2.0.
>>BSD (etc) is not currently able to import GPL licensed code.
>>Why would Apache licensed code be any different even if the current 
>>issue were worked thru?
> For project Harmony we (FSF with GNU Classpath) are willing to use
> explicit exceptions to the GPL to make mixing and matching with Apache
> licensed code possible. Of course we cannot promise that every GPLed
> project out there wants to make the same compromises in the sake of
> cooperation.

Consider your words of yesterday:

> We will most likely not replace the current reference implementation
> with one that is based on APR since that is currently licensed under the
> ASL and we want GNU Classpath to be GPL-compatible for projects that use
> and distribute it under the GPL. But if the ASL could be changed to
> become GPL-compatible or APR would dual license under the (L)GPL or use
> a GPL-compatible license such as modern BSD, MIT/X, W3C, etc then we
> will certainly consider it if there is a technical need.

My point here is not that the above is wrong.  My point is simply that 
these issues are hard.

Nor do I mean to single out classpath.  The ASF, for example, takes 
equal care in evaluating dependencies, ensuring that projects that may 
wish to make use our work are able to do so.

I suspect that the only robust solution to this will be to do the hard 
work to make the various license compatible with one another.

- Sam Ruby

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