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From "J Aaron Farr" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache projects/software
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 15:57:19 GMT
On 5/3/05, Dion Gillard <> wrote:
> Is there a reason we can't reuse the existing repository at
> ?
> In your example, Eclipse could be configured to check
> for an update?

Something like that might work.

Eclipse checks for a 'site.xml' file that references one or more plugins
to download and install.  The update site URL needs to be stable, so if a
user picks a particular mirror initially that user will always use that
mirror for future updates.  Also the plugins are more than just a jar and
minimally require a plugin.xml file zipped together into a single archive.
 Currently, Derby is the only ASF project I know of which distributes its
releases in Eclipse plugin format [1] in addition to traditional binary
and source releases.  So it's slightly more than just making ASF jars
available on the repository and pointing Eclipse to them.

There's also the question of having a single site.xml file for all ASF
Eclipse plugins versus a separate one for each PMC or even subproject.  A
single site would be far easier for users but more complicated for ASF

While we could reuse the java-repository location for Eclipse updates, I
would prefer to see a new separate location such as:

or something like that.

Finally, unless we wanted all those Eclipse clients hitting our main
distribution site, we would have to instruct users to pick a mirror.

It's all feasible and I would love to see more Eclipse plugins for ASF
projects.  An update site would definitely help.



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