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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Incubator 2005Q1 Status Report to the ASF Board
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:44:53 GMT

Status report for the Apache Incubator Project

We are seeing good progress in a number of projects.  Several new projects
have moved into the Incubator, e.g., Graffito, a couple are preparing to
apply for TLP status or move into existing TLPs, and others are maturing

Resource creation bottlenecks continue to effect the Incubator.  One thing
that would help will be an integrated script to create the necessary
resources for an Incubator project.  That would require more karma to run
than most people have, but could be run by a root person after reviewing the
data that would drive it.

Licensing and other IP related issues were reported as an on-going topic of
discussion in the last report, at which time I mentioned that it would help
to have some legal resource(s) participating with the Incubator.  IP issues
continued to come up this quarter, and the new legal resources have started
to be helpful to us.

MyFaces is preparing to apply for TLP status.  The Directory project will
likely apply for TLP status around the next quarterly report, and is
preparing its first milestone releases, including a generally useable
version of the existing Apache Naming package from Catalina, which Phil
Steitz is trying to get Tomcat to review for future inclusion.

Additional human resources are always welcomed.

                           - 0 -

The list of projects in the Incubator is at  Here are the STATUS reports from the
PPMCs that have sent one in.  Other projects  did update their STATUS files
on the aforementioned page.

Status Report from the Graffito PPMC

1) Is the STATUS file up to date?


2) Any legal, cross-project or personal issues that still need to be

* Software grant has been recieved by the ASF.
* All trademark issues with project name have been resolved.
* We have renamed the JCMS project as Graffito to avoid naming
   confusion with Jalios JCMS, another Java based CMS system.

 3) What has been done for incubation since the last report?

* We cleaned up repository, site, build process, site deployment
   and publishing to help new users and developers jump into the
* Christophe Lombart account has been created and karma granted
* ASF Infrastructure has been set up for Graffito
* We are working on the Jetspeed 2 integration & building JSR 168 portlets.

4) Plans and expectations for the next period?

* Add more info in the Graffito site
* WEBDAV integration
* More work on Jetspeed 2 integration, building portlets.
* Introduce Graffito to some important related projects:
   Slide, JackRabbit, Jetspeed ... in order to grow the development

5) Any recommendations for how incubation could run more smoothly for you?

None so far.

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