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From Jennifer B Machovec <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Directory project releases
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:49:21 GMT
FWIW,  Microsoft does not list Kerberos as a Microsoft Corporation 
although they reserve any IP rights they may have established in their 
product names.



Enrique Rodriguez <>
12/27/2004 09:48 PM
Please respond to general
        To:     Apache Directory Developers List 
        Subject:        Re: [VOTE] Directory project releases

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>   5) Kerberos is a trademark of MIT.  We cannot legally distribute 
> software under that name.

I disagree.

1)  I find no record that MIT has a trademark on Kerberos.  The USPTO 
Trademark Electronic Search System shows efforts by MIT to trademark 
Kerberos in the early 90's were abandoned.  Published articles up until 
the late 90's may claim a trademark by MIT, but this is not the case.

2)  There are no trademarks by anyone else on Kerberos.

3)  Major commercial distributions freely name their products Kerberos, 
although prepended with their corporation's name, eg:

Microsoft Kerberos

JCSI Kerberos


> It is the responsibility of all Apache projects to search for and verify
> compliance with trademark law prior to release of products that might be
> considered an infringement.
> ....Roy

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