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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: [OT] How to prevent abusing Apache priviliges
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 00:19:54 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Nope. What Thorsten describes looks pretty bad IMO, so I want to know 
> what is going on. Otherwise, this shouldn't have been posted at all. No 
> need to keep the dust under the carpet. And if Thorsten doesn't want to 
> go public with it - he should post on pmc@i.a.o. Talking about the issue 
> doesn't have anything to do with forwarding private mails to 
> public/private lists.

I did not want to do that because I thought we could make rules against 
thus abuse in the future without reviewing the past. I believe in the 
"second change". Like Roy said "Keep in mind that mentors are human
too and they sometimes make mistakes."

> I will not vote on policy which makes no sense or is based on unproven 
> facts from the past.

I really do not see your point that this policy do not make sense!

I started this abstract thread to prevent that things from happening *in 
the future*.

On the one hand you say
"doesn't have anything to do with forwarding private mails to
public/private lists."
on the other hand you speaking of "unproven facts". How can I prove the 
abuse without doing so?

> I don't think so and they are appreciated. But I'm not sure this will 
> lead us anywhere if Thorsten doesn't speak factually. I've quite had it 
> with the amount of FUD mails making waves on various Apache lists.
> </Steven>

Ok, I see that we will not be able to establish some rules without 
speaking factually. I will post the actual use case to the incubator pmc 

This was *NOT* my intention when I started this thread!

I just wanted to make sure that abusing of priviliges will be *in the 
future* impossible to make sure new projects have a fair chance to develop!

I did not want make noise! I just though it is a good idea to establish 
a set of rules against abuse of priviliges in the incubator!


P.S. I find it quite harsh that you (as mentor) thing this is FUD mail 
making waves on various Apache lists!!!

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