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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [OT] How to prevent abusing Apache priviliges
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 13:14:57 GMT
On 17 Oct 2004, at 02:31, thorsten wrote:

> Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
>> thorsten wrote:
>>> Ok, I am not a native speaker but
>>> ...what if incubating mentors would abuse...
>>> is a subjunctive! I did *not* say that they did or do!
>>> Lets just asume that is just blue-skying!!!
>> If any Apache committer abuses his shell account, he could well ...
>> Sorry, but if we start to discuss such issues without real 
>> background, it would never end. My thoughts, obviously not yours.
> I did not said that there is not a real background!
> <snip>
> Rolf Kulemann wrote:
> > REMINDER: We should keep this discussion on an abstract level.
> <snip>

Well - I think rules are best set from practice rather than theory. 
Otherwise we just end up bluesky-FUD-ing without a particular reason or 
motivation. I think we must face that OSS communities are a bit more 
reactive rather than proactive if it comes to guidelines, policies, 
legal matters, etc.

So, while the event you are referring to sounds really important to me, 
I will now refrain from further participation in this thread. That's 
wrong, but you must understand that this position comes from a mentor 
of one of the projects you are participating with, which is now utterly 
lost and wondering what you are _really_ talking about. Speak freely 
and your voice will be heard. We're all here to learn.

(and imagine yourself being an outsider reading this thread: how would 
you read it? what would you think of the incubator, or the ASF as a 

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