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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Where proposal should be sent?
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 05:35:44 GMT
At 09:51 PM 10/1/2004, hammett wrote:
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
>> I'm curious about the interoperability this could provide us, as
>> we hope to extend to MS NET, mono, etc, an httpd module API.
>While I think the same time this could be done, we have some divergence of
>focus. Or maybe I'm wrong.
>In my understanding your mod_aspdotnet needs to be really really fast, for
>obvious reasons. The same is not true for castle where we'd like to have
>correctess and good contracts before focus on performance.
>But I'd like to browse the mod_aspdotnet code. I don't understand much of
>Httpd, but I happen to be an author of an ASP.Net book :-)

Please do :)  Contrawise, I'll need to start looking at some of the
proposed project components of Castle ;)

>> This phase is nearly finished, a few bugs were pointed out and
>> another build variant, based on the free Visual C++ NET compiler,
>So how's the strategy? Your mod, C or C++ based instantiates the .Net COM
>component to have an managed environment, build proper fa├žades for request,
>response, session, application and dispatch the call? Well, better have a
>look at the code.. I know.. ;-)

MS Win32-specific implementation, it uses the COM interface to
instantiate the MS System.Web.Hosting container.  We implement
System.Web.Host / System.Web.Request.  MS ASP.NET does most 
of the rest, we just do the lifting.

>> is due before a general release of the MS-specific mod_aspdotnet.
>> Once done, other than bug fixes and users, I don't see much
>> excitement there.  The next action item is to start looking
>> at exposing the native httpd environment to an arbitrary .NET
>> hosted httpd module.
>What do you mean by native httpd environment?

Authoring of in-process modules written in .NET, with all of 
the support for managed .NET code environment, and hooking back 
into the native process which the httpd binary is running in.

Obviously, there is alot of thunking involved.

If you are curious about the httpd module API,

is long on descriptions, doesn't do much. is the most complete interface to httpd
(and it's underlying apr portability layer) that allows pretty
much complete access to handling requests within httpd's API.
That's the level of binding that I'm most interested in.


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