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Subject Project Report - Sandesha
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 07:49:48 GMT
Project Report – Sandesha

I would like to discuss under the following headings.

§	What we have done so far
§	Current Situation

What we have done so far:

After the first implementation Sandesha was restructured with a new
architecture to support the new WS-RM specification published in 2004.
With the new architecture Sandesha was mainly implemented as a new
Provider so that it can handle the   requests more manageably.

With these new improvements Sandesha participated for the WS-RM inter-op
workshop held May 12 and 13th 2004 at BEA's San Francisco office. The
workshop was mainly focusing on the set of scenarios specified by the
inter-op group to test the interoperation between the different
implementations of WS-RM. Other participants for the above inter-op
workshop were IBM, Microsoft and BEA. Sandesha was able to interoperate
considerably with these implementations. The inter-op session has helped
us to identify the defects in Sandesha and also the possible improvements.

Current Situation:

Currently we are expecting to modify Sandesha to support the entire set of
inter-op scenarios and to enhance the code. Some limitations were also
identified due to the lack of support for asynchronous messaging in Axis.

I am currently working full time on Sandesha through Lanka Software
Foundation (LSF) and few others will join soon. So hope we will keep on
improving Sandesha.

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Lanka Software Foundation (LSF)


Jaliya Ekanayake

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