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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [proposal] Lenya exiting Incubation
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:27:21 GMT
I would like to start discussing the fact that Lenya is, IMO, mature, 
diverse and integrated enough with the ASF substrate enough to exit 

My reasons are:

  1) wyona developers are no longer the unique driving development force 
of the project

  2) communication happens entirely on the mail list

  3) there are no legal/social issues and have been so for a while.

  4) the new non-wyona committers are very well integrated in both the 
community and in respet of the ASF practices that were imposed on them. 
(a lot better than me, I have to say!)

  5) but, more than anything, I think that, as a mentor, I have nothing 
else to say.

My proposal for lenya would be to exit incubation with its own top level 
project. The reason for this follow the same reasoning for Forrest: the 
cocoon dependency is a technical one, but not exactly a social one and 
it would feel wrong to have one PMC controlling both cocoon and lenya 
because it would clearly be divided into two separate groups with little 



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