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From Robert McIntosh <>
Subject proposal
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 21:32:13 GMT
On the suggestion of Geir Magnusson and Rodney Waldhoff, I am sending this 
proposal to the incubator list to see if there is any interest for a new 
persistence project. At the moment I am not an ASF member and I am looking 
for others to join in on the project if there is interest. 

In a nutshell, it is not just an O/R mapper, but a generic persistence 
engine that can be used as an O/R mapping tool. It's current state of 
development is that it is in one production application already, but I am 
going through a bit of a refactor to the mapping stuff (it is amazing what 
a real application will bring to light!), and working on more unit tests 
as I progress in that area. It is far from complete and in the production 
application I am using essentially the bare bones of it so there is quite 
a bit of 'public' API to define and produce as well as more engine 

I have some of the documentation worked out, but it isn't complete and a 
tad bit fragmented, but the rationale is there as well as some of the 
configuration stuff so anyone should be able to get a good idea of what 
the intent is and what is currently happening. You can preview the docs 

It currently uses several Commons projects such as JXPath, Jexl, 
BeanUtils, Collections, etc., some of which is documented on the site I 
listed. If anyone is interested let me know, otherwise I'll have to resort 
to sourceforge.

As for my involvement with apache (if it helps/matters) I have made some 
relatively small contributions to Jelly and Jexl and have used most of the 
Jakarta stuff at one point or another for a few years. I also strongly 
envangelise the Jakarta stuff every chance I get. My current employer is 
on an open source kick right now where we use struts, tiles, logging, 
beanutils, a couple of the tag libraries and Jelly. 

With regards to persistence engine experience, this will be my 3rd go 
around. I built one for a company a few years ago and recently worked on a 
future commercial product which I rebuilt to run on top of Avalon 
(Excalibur then Fortress) and incorporated Jelly as well as several 
Commons projects.

If desired I can send diagrams, more info and even code.

Robert McIntosh

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