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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Checking in Software Granted Code to Jetspeed CVS
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 04:46:10 GMT
David Sean Taylor asked:
> I am checking into Jetspeed CVS a set of patches that I wrote as a work
> for hire, paid for by Gluecode Inc

> The Software Grant from Gluecode has been received by the ASF via Geir
> Magnusson Jr as a tiff, with hardcopy coming this weekend.

> Are there any other steps we (the Portals PMC) should take to register
> this information?

We have drafted a short checklist using the cwiki doc type currently used
for other Incubator documents.  There were a couple of minor revisions to
the first draft, none (so far) on the second.

Since "any code that was developed outside of the ASF SVN/CVS repository
must be processed like this, even if the external developer is an ASF
committer", we have tried to make this simple and plainless.  More than half
of short file is commentary.  The actual checklist, itself, basically asks:

  - What contribution does this cover?
  - Have we a Software Grant?
  - Have we a CLA for each contributor?
  - Have we reminded contributors to acquire a Corporate CLA if necessary?
  - Is the code under the Apache License?
  - Are all dependencies under a compatible license?

Attached is a copy for your usage and review (remove the .txt extension that
is only present to force the attachment type to be something ezmlm won't
filter out).  I happened to have it in my buffer.   Will commit to CVS as
soon as I can tunnel back into my development server.

	--- Noel

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