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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: The 50% Rule
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 03:12:28 GMT
Cliff Schmidt wrote:
> Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> > Not quite. The PPMC is a subgroup officially established by the
> > incubator PMC, containing a named list of individuals who have
> > agreed to participate on the PPMC.
> I think we need to make its status as an official subgroup of the
> incubator PMC more clear to everyone.

Yes, please feel free to submit changes for the documentation.  The non-Wiki
docs for the Incubator are woefully out of date.

The PPMC has been described as a superset containing the Incubator PMC, the
project's active committers and the PMC for the destination TLP, when
applicable.  Roy described it as a subset, which I think applies to the PPMC
mailing list.  I'd avoid the "two phase commit" aspect by saying that when
there are votes, we should make sure that the entire Incubator PMC is
involved in them directly, and not after the fact.  It seems to me that
doing so addresses the:

> The only difference is that the PPMC does not have the authority to
> software on behalf of the ASF, whereas the PMC does.

issue, and involves the project's committers directly in their project
management without actually enabling them to do anything that the Incubator
PMC would not allow.  I think that is a healthy part of community building,
and seemed to work well with Geronimo.

> If committers don't make any legally significant decisions for the ASF
> (instead they decide things such as ongoing code changes, new committers,
> maybe project roadmaps?)...and PMCs make the legally significant
> decisions, as designated in the ASF Bylaws and the particular Board
> resolution that formed the PMC (decisions such as official ASF releases
> and changes to the charter)....what decisions, if any, does the PPMC
> make?

Hence my formulation of the PPMC as including the entirety of the PMC, and
making sure to involve everyone in the votes.

	--- Noel

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