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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Anyone wants to incubate MyFaces?
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:54:37 GMT
> we will need some help - I guess the project mentor would be
> there to do exactly that.

We setup something called a PPMC, and there will be ASF folks helping you to
adjust and become attuned to how things work in the ASF.  :-)

> regarding to infrastructure - it would be great to be able to shift
> slowly, but I don't know if we have to do that before Incubation,
> or if it can happen during Incubation?!

You don't need to move everything at once.  Some things could come later
than others.  First priority would be your developer mailing list and CVS,

> If we have to move bug/issue-tracker, mailing lists... what about
> the existing issues, bugs and mails? There is quite some amount in
> the systems, is there some easy way you guys know of the get them
> over from sourceforge to the respective tools used for that by the ASF?

Several projects have moved their infrastructure without too much hassle.
I'm not sure what can be done about moving issues.  Moving the CVS modules
is both important and fairly straightforward, IIRC.  Given a list of people,
we technically could subscribe them, but a general mail administration
policy is that people should re-subscribe themselves, so that no one can
claim that they were involuntarily subscribed (i.e., spammed).

	--- Noel

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