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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [RT] incubation time
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 22:00:51 GMT
Julie MacNaught wrote:
> I'm getting ready to request that WSRP4J graduate out of incubator.  My
> main concern has been the community size, but that has been improving
> lately.  We are getting more and more feedback and involvement.

That's all good.  :-)

> As far as the amount of time it should take to get through incubation,
> in WSRP4J's case, the market interest is starting to pick up, so the
> community size will pick up correspondingly.  Perhaps it was too soon
> to bring WSRP4J into Apache back in September, but we didn't know that
> at the time.

I would be quite unhappy if an important evolving technology like WSRP did
NOT enter Incubation because someone was concerned about meeting an
artificial timeframe.  The ASF is the leading source of Open Source
infrastructure technology, as I see it, and should continue in that
leadership role through the efforts of our communities.  The primary
criteria for Incubation should be a community and interest within the ASF.

So long as we see progress, I think that setting artificial dates is just
that: artificial.  A project will be ready when it is ready.  A hypothetical
N month figure should be nothing more than an expectation of the amount of
time it might take for a typical project to progress.  I have only been
participating in the Incubator since last summer, but I'm still waiting to
see "typical."  Are there projects within the Incubator that are cause for
concern?  Yes, but that is because of a lack of progress, not an absolute
timeframe.  If we address the real issues, and keep an eye on progress, the
time frame will take care of itself.

	--- Noel

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