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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject [VOTE] Graduate XMLBeans from Incubator and recommend as top-level project
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 01:59:23 GMT
The XMLBeans project has been actively developed in incubation for 
about 10 months.  During this time, the user and developer 
community has continued to grow stronger, both in number, 
diversity, and degree of cooperation.  In addition, the XMLBeans 
project has demonstrated an understanding and application of the 
legal and logistic measures necessary to protect and enhance the 
mission of the ASF.

Some examples of this progress can be seen in how XMLBeans has:
- worked with other members of the Apache community,
- brought on new committers, based on the merit of frequent 
- been responsive to the user community, 
- been careful with its handling of the Apache brand (and in fact,
helped to define an appropriate set of restrictions for incubating 
- collaboratively created two binary distributions,
- and implemented and made significant decisions through a PPMC.

Therefore, I believe the XMLBeans project has satisfied the 
requirements of the Apache Incubation process, namely :

  o  does collaborative development according to the ASF's
     philosophy and guidelines

  o  has a codebase that is properly licensed, has clear
     provenance, and conforms to the ASF's legal requirements
     for contributions

(See the status file for the detailed list:

Furthermore, I believe that the Incubator PMC, on behalf of the 
XMLBeans PPMC and the entire XMLBeans community, should recommend 
to the Apache Board of Directors to make the XMLBeans project a 
top-level Apache project.  

Note that the XMLBeans project was originally targeted as a 
subproject of the XML project.  However, based on the interests 
of the XML and the XMLBeans community (in support of the ASF's 
interest for proper delegation of project oversight from the 
Board to the PMCs), XMLBeans is now requesting TLP status.

I request that members of the XMLBeans PPMC (which includes the 
Incubator PMC, the XML PMC, and the XMLBeans PMC committers) 
please vote :

[ ] +1 - The XMLBeans project has met the requirements
          for incubation and will be recommended to the
          board for TLP status

[ ] -1 - The XMLBeans project as not met the requirements
          for incubation

This vote will run ~96 hours, closing at 23:59 GMT, Tuesday 
June 22, 2004 (extending to vote due to the weekend, but ending
before the upcoming Board meeting):


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