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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [Summary ]Re: [TEST+VOTE] Lenya 1.2 Release
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 11:43:10 GMT
Michael Wechner wrote:
> Leo Simons wrote:
>>  In this case, Noel has raised some perfectly valid concerns about 
>> files living on without a PMC putting them 
>> there (which is a *big thing*, for legal and other reasons). If I were 
>> lenya, I wouldn't complain about constraints, but just address those 
>> concerns. 
> well, IIRC then concerns have been addressed promptly.

No, they have not been addressed promptly. There exists content on

which is not supposed to be there. I'll quote Noel:

"Thinking on it, we should probably delete those files, which were never
approved by either the Incubator or Cocoon PMCs.  Baring commentary to 
the contrary, I will do so within the next day or so (leaving time for
legitimate contrary views)."

What lenya should ideally be doing now is providing commentary and 
evidence to the contrary, explaining and de-escalating the situation. If 
that's not possible, lenya should perhaps attempt to come up with 
reasonable and less drastic measures (removing then re-adding files to 
the distribution server pushes changes to dozens of mirrors) that are 
agreeable to the incubator as well. Furthermore, lenya should do all the 
neccessary work to alleviate all concerns (not Noel, not the incubator).

C'mon guys, a mistake or two have been made, which is fine! That's why 
we have an incubation process in the first place :-D. Live and learn. Go 
fix things. Don't draw lines in the sand.

> As a general note I would like to say, that future concerns should be
> addressed to individuals and not to Wyona as a company.

Well in some cases it /is/ relevant that a large part of lenya 
individuals are wyona employees. While its a task of lenya (not 
individuals there; the responsibility AFAIC is collective) to make sure 
there's no reason for concern wrt all this stuff, I think everyone 
recognizes wyona, the company, has a part to play there as well. Right?

> Also I think it would be of great help if issues are being sent to the Lenya
> community directly and or the individuals involved.

duly noted, and lenya-dev added back to CC list. Guys, you may have 
missed some useful bits of info. Please go read recent general@incubator 
archives to make sure you haven't.

- Leo

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