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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [RT] incubation time
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 11:11:15 GMT
Nicola wrote:
 > Is that we are wrongly accepting projects that do not have a
 > sufficiently big community? IOW, should we only accept projects the
 > community size/diversity of which we would deem ok for graduation (as
 > it has been IIRC always for Jakarta subprojects)?

I don't know. This "people management" bit of incubation is not 
something for which we can easily set (or, want to set) a rule.

You can take the choice to minimize the risk that something ("something" 
here being incubation) will not work out. Not taking chances does mean a 
lot of exiting oppurtunities are lost.

OTOH you can choose to take a lot of risk and just accept any project. 
You are certain to have many "dead projects" lying around then, and you 
definately need a cleanup policy.

The problem of striking the right balance is a difficult one. I don't 
think we are quite sure where it should be, which is okay, as long as we 
keep evaluating :-D

I myself am inclined to restrict this kind of "policy" to whatever is 
required to keep the ASF legally defensible, but no more. That is 
basically what we're doing now, no?


- Leo

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