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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: Releasing Lenya 1.2
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 12:07:15 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> Which translates to "Stefano and Nicola agree this is a good thing, 
> lenya peeps ask for release endorsement vote on general@incubator".
> IMV, releases are kind-of discouraged.
> Why are you not talking about exiting incubation? Lenya's been here for 
> a year now, hasn't it?

i took a look at the exit criteria recently. the only one that may raise 
concerns at this time is the number of independent commiters.

No single organization supplies more than 50% of the active committers 
(must be at least 3 independent committers)

we currently have 2 independent commiters, rolf and dale.

>  From looking at the status file, it seems the only thing needing doing 
> is a legal audit, which needs to happen before a release anyway!

we went over the code with great care during the ASL 2.0 migration and 
believe the codebase to be legally sound as defined in

# Legal
# All code ASL'ed
# No non ASL or ASL compatbile dependencies in the code base
# License grant complate
# CLAs on file.
# Check of project name for trademark issues

what is the procedure beyond that? i can dig up the email archive where 
we discussed the ASL 2.0 migration and what we found.

oh, i just saw that stefano took care of explaining this one.. never mind

> I'd suggest taking care of the legal stuff, updating the status file, 
> and after that starting two votes: one from the incubator pmc for 
> graduation, and then one from the cocoon pmc for the release. Cocoon is 
> probably better able to judge release quality, and it makes a more 
> exiting press release :-D

sounds like a good plan.

Gregor J. Rothfuss
Wyona Inc.  -   Open Source Content Management   -   Apache Lenya                      

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