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From Leo Simons <>
Subject [RT] incubation time
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:35:53 GMT
Hi gang!

Some Stats
Taking a look at

we have 12 projects under incubation (listed as 13 but geronimo info 
needs updating). Of these, 6 projects, namely


have been incubating for 6 months or more. Of these, 3 projects, namely


have been incubating for a year or more. Of the 5 projects which have 
successfully incubated so far, the incubation time was

   6 months (JaxMe)
   6 months (jUDDI)
   2 weeks  (MerlinDeveloper)
   +/-5 months? (Tapestry)
   7 months (Geronimo)

For these projects, especially Tapestry (first sub-project ever 
incubated) and Geronimo (first TLP ever incubated), a significant time 
was probably spent figuring out process as we went along, so these 
numbers deserve some downward adjustment to compare them with a project 
that would enter incubation today. Geronimo also had some high-profile 
legal blah blah to sort out.

Some opinion
Some parts of incubation can take a long time, ie for projects like 
SpamAssassin tracking down a hundred people and getting CLAs is a 
daunting task.

Other parts of incubation, like verifying license headers and 
compatibility, can be done quite quickly, and it worries me when they're 
not done after 6 months.

The parts of incubation that are about learning the ropes around apache 
and getting CVS migrated, should IMHO not take more than 6 months. Not 
that it won't take more time to learn everything there is to know, but 
for a project to learn enough to be able to be responsible for itself is 
somewhere around 6 months. Possibly less if we're talking about a 
subproject, since then people are absorbed into a bigger community of 
experienced people anyway.

Leading to the following bold statement:

     Incubation need not take more than 6 months, and probably less if
     destined to become a sub-project. There are more exceptions to this
     rule than can be imagined, but they are basically either
     "legal" reasons or "community" reasons.

So barring pending legal issues, a project that's been in incubation for 
more than 6 months is a little worrysome.

None yet. I do think we need to worry a little about incubation "taking 
forever". Let's not get too comfortable with these things dragging on 
for months. Incubation is "process", and what we should all be doing is 



- Leo

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