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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: [Summary ]Re: [TEST+VOTE] Lenya 1.2 Release
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 12:12:05 GMT

On Jun 15, 2004, at 2:46 AM, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Mind you, building an end-user community is not an incubation 
> priority.  We
> care about IP and development community, and the latter ought to be 
> able to
> participate directly from source control.  Specifically, a comment 
> like "it
> is important to get out official (incubation) release files soon since 
> users
> and developers are waiting for a release to base their productive
> environments on" makes me nervous.  We don't want people assuming that 
> code
> in the Incubator has the same imprimatur as code from ASF projects.  I 
> try
> to avoid the term "release" in connection with anything related to the
> Incubator because in Jakarta terminology, a "Release Build" is an 
> official
> production package, and that is not going to come from the Incubator.  
> The
> focus ought to be on being able to leave the incubator, not putting out
> builds.  But insofar as having feedback helps to build the developer
> community, that's worth supporting, IMO, so long as the nature of 
> being in
> the Incubator is properly marked and explained.

Perfect.  I was reading through this thread and going to make the point 
if no one else did, but you did it as I would have, so I'll just add...



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