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From Sander Striker <>
Subject [VOTE] Graduate SpamAssassin from Incubator, recommend TLP
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:38:17 GMT

I'd like to call for a vote to graduate SpamAssassin from the

SpamAssassin started working on incubation around August last year.
Since then a lot if not all of the Incubator requirements have been
addressed; the final one this week.  Patience and persistence has been
a prominent property of the community.

The codebase is under the AL v2.0.  License grants are on file, as well
as CLAs for all significant contributions.  Two trademarks are in the
process of being assigned to the ASF:

The community is active and has seen committers added to the initial
committership during the incubation period.  The community has been
collaboratively working towards a 3.0 release.  Apache style voting
has been easily adopted by the community.

SpamAssassin resources are all on infrastructure, except
for BugZilla, which is mostly due to limited available time on part
of the Infrastructure team.  SpamAssassin has been one of the pioneers
when it comes to using Subversion at the ASF.  Mailinglists are in
active use under the domain.

Did I mention the pleasant community? ;).

[ ] +1 - The SpamAssassin project has met the requirements
         for incubation and will be recommended to the
         board for TLP status

[ ] -1 - The SpamAssassin project as not met the requirements
         for incubation

I'd like to be able to present the Board with a resolution on
wednesday, which I realise is close by.


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