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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Project Documentation
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 04:10:16 GMT
> we are not always following what is documented in the policy and
> standards documents - maybe this is a time to [review, reflect
> and update] the documentation.

Agreed.  I think that if you look at our e-mail discussions, we have done
the revisions in discussion, but they have not been codified in the XML
documents.  For example,, hasn't been
updated to reflect the significant and beneficial switch to PPMC-based
management approach.  None of the major documents reflects that decision.
There is some, but not a lot, of information on the Wiki.

> On the subject of forrest on Minotaur - I'd *love* to see this happen.

> I have been wary in the past, because the preference from
> infrastructure@ has (reasonably enough) been to have the built
> site in CVS so that if minotaur crashes they can quickly get
> sites back online.

My thought was something along the lines of:

               incubator/ -- cvs co incubator
          incubator-site/ -- cvs co incubator-site
                 forrest/ -- our friend tool, installed

That seem about right?  See ~noel/incubator for a start.  I did a cvspublic
checkout of incubator, but incubator-site was pulled from /home/cvs, so that
when we do the build, we can commit.  I don't have forrest installed, yet,
but I think you get the idea.

	--- Noel

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