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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Question on adoption of sources
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 20:37:41 GMT


I would like to integrate the Cup parser generator into JaxMe. See

for details on Cup. It comes under a BSDish license, so that should
not be a problem. I won't add the unmodified sources, but a version
which is stripped down in some aspects and enhanced in some other
cases. (In particular the parser shall be reentrant and the created
DFA shall be able to consume events rather than a token stream.)

The question is: What is the recommended behaviour in terms of
incubation? As JaxMe is itself a project in incubation I would
assume that the following is sufficient:

* Announce my intention on the Cup mailing list, in order to let
   people know.
* Add the modified sources. Give all unmodified sources a header
   with the CUP license. Give all modified sources a header with
   the ASF license and the CUP license. Give all new sources a
   header with the ASF license.
* Add a hint to the docs, that JaxMe includes software which is
   based on Cup. Add the Cup license to the relevant paragraph.

Is that fine?



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