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From Matt Liotta <>
Subject Re: donation of project
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 20:16:30 GMT
I didn't see a reply from anyone in regard to my message below. Just 
curious if the interested parties have seen it.

Matt Liotta
Montara Software, Inc.

On Jan 4, 2004, at 11:03 PM, Matt Liotta wrote:

> From reading this list's archives it looks like I missed a couple of 
> messages, so I have decided to join the list in the interim. Anyway, 
> based on the responses I have decided to go ahead and release the code 
> on Sourceforge under the Apache License. You can find the project at 
> The project consists of two 
> modules, JXWB and WWE. JXWB is meant to be a web browser written in 
> Java. Currently, it is nothing more than a very bad test harness for 
> WWE. WWE is the HTML editor pane and kit initially discussed in this 
> thread. Both modules are committed to CVS as Eclipse projects that 
> should have no problems building. Additionally, I have created two 
> JARs jxwb.jar and wwe.jar, which contain both the source code and the 
> compiled class files for each respective module.
> I felt like I really needed to get the code out for this group's 
> review, but I must admit it was a bit of a rush job on my part. For 
> reasons I won't get into, we needed to release the source code using a 
> different namespace from that of our commercial version. As such, I 
> had to change all the package references as well as add licensing 
> information to the source code files. It is entirely possible that I 
> might have missed some files and/or made mistakes that will be only 
> found at runtime. I fully expect to be able to make an additional 
> release fixing any issues should some arise as well as provide 
> documentation for the code base. I'm not sure what the documentation 
> will consist of since unfortunately while our HTML editor 
> implementation was decoupled from our commercial use of it; the 
> documentation was not. I actually never even considered coupling to be 
> a concern for documentation; whoops. ;) I would like to provide 
> documentation on all known issues with the HTML and CSS implementation 
> as well as the design documents for the actual implementation.
> Matt Liotta
> Montara Software, Inc.
> On Dec 28, 2003, at 6:40 PM, Leo Simons wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> Matt Liotta wrote:
>> > Nicola wrote:
>>>> I am personally very interested in this, having worked on a similar 
>>>> project. In any case, it's a very interesting thing for Java in 
>>>> general to have such a component opensourced. Because of this, I 
>>>> will see to do all I can to help you.
>> +1 (which means "me too" in this context :D)
>>> Indeed, the proposal doesn't seem to be inline with the document in 
>>> two ways. First, there is no active development community for it. 
>>> Second, while the project was originally commercial in nature, we 
>>> are no longer doing development on it as it currently suits our 
>>> needs. That is not to say that we won't do bug fixes and other 
>>> maintenance to it, but we just don't have any active development 
>>> happening on it anymore.
>> I suggest you create a zip file/tarball with all the source code,
>> the apache license in it (and as the header for all the 
>> sourcefiles)[1], and
>> post this somewhere on your company website (don't need to publish
>> the link). Next, we set up a sourceforge project, or better yet, just 
>> use
>> an existing project there where the code fits (like
>> and have Nicola put the code up there.
>> We'll make a little noise around the OSS java community, see if this
>> attracts some interest, if it has the potential of becoming a real 
>> project.
>> If so, we'll start incubation.
>> Why not start incubation immediately? IMHO, we need to get a feel
>> for the code and the people involved with the code first.
>> cheers,
>> - Leo Simons
>> [1] -
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