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From Matt Liotta <>
Subject Re: donation of project
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2004 16:57:01 GMT
Thanks for all the responses. At this point, I am reluctant to release 
the code under an Apache style license without a community behind it. I 
don't want to see our code go into some proprietary project and never 
benefit the community because the actual open release was handled 
incorrectly. Right now my thinking is that we will release the code 
under the GPL and put it up on Sourceforge. The GPL will protect the 
code from being used in proprietary projects for the short-term while 
allowing an open source community to develop. Should such a community 
develop, I am very interested in relicensing our work under the Apache 
license and donating it to the Apache Foundation.

Any thoughts on the above? Again, I am most interested in seeing this 
project under the Apache umbrella to ensure that the Java community 
benefits, so any thoughts on best how to accomplish that in regard to 
the above concern would be appreciated.

On a side note, I did contact the Eclipse project to see if they were 
interested, but our use of Swing pretty much ended those conversations. 
I am also trying to convince Sun that they should include the code in 
the JDK as they already have similar functionality albeit out of date.

Matt Liotta
Montara Software, Inc.

On Dec 28, 2003, at 6:40 PM, Leo Simons wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> Matt Liotta wrote:
> > Nicola wrote:
>>> I am personally very interested in this, having worked on a similar 
>>> project. In any case, it's a very interesting thing for Java in 
>>> general to have such a component opensourced. Because of this, I 
>>> will see to do all I can to help you.
> +1 (which means "me too" in this context :D)
>> Indeed, the proposal doesn't seem to be inline with the document in 
>> two ways. First, there is no active development community for it. 
>> Second, while the project was originally commercial in nature, we are 
>> no longer doing development on it as it currently suits our needs. 
>> That is not to say that we won't do bug fixes and other maintenance 
>> to it, but we just don't have any active development happening on it 
>> anymore.
> I suggest you create a zip file/tarball with all the source code,
> the apache license in it (and as the header for all the 
> sourcefiles)[1], and
> post this somewhere on your company website (don't need to publish
> the link). Next, we set up a sourceforge project, or better yet, just 
> use
> an existing project there where the code fits (like
> and have Nicola put the code up there.
> We'll make a little noise around the OSS java community, see if this
> attracts some interest, if it has the potential of becoming a real 
> project.
> If so, we'll start incubation.
> Why not start incubation immediately? IMHO, we need to get a feel
> for the code and the people involved with the code first.
> cheers,
> - Leo Simons
> [1] -

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