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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Fwd: MerlinDeveloper incubation query
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 23:47:22 GMT
Andreas has granted me, Steve, Niclas and Noel access to his private CVS 
server. I have just finished auditing the code (read through each and 
every sourcefile). No issues really worth mentioning. In more detail...

I can confirm (with the obvious disclaimer that IANAL and furthermore 
that I am human so its possible I missed some things):

* all dependencies are under (revised) BSD-style or the CPL licenses,
   and are as such compatible with license and license policy.

* use of all dependencies complies with the respective licenses for
   those dependencies (which is quite easy :D), with the exception that
   the licenses are not provided with the end user documentation as there
   is no such documentation at the moment. Since the code will be merged
   into an existing avalon distributable, the licenses only need to be
   added there.

* nearly all code is licensed under the avalon version of the ASL 1.1
   and has the ASL license at the top with an appropriate copyright
   notice, except for 2 small classes:

   These have no license header at all yet since they were mostly
   auto-generated. We will of course fix this before import.

  * as far as its remotely possible to determine, all code appears to
    have originated from Andreas (besides, his signing of CLA and
    software grant should ensure that IIUC), so no other CLAs or code
    grants besides what he has sent in are required.

  * no patent I'm aware of applies to the software.

  * no trademark I'm aware of applies to the software.

  * above and beyond no use of any names or dependencies violates any
    moral principles.

There is one other thing to fix:

a code formatter (so I presume) has reformatted the ASL at the top of 
every sourcefile to have a layout different from what we are used to 
with the ASL (though the text is the same). This is something that's 
easiest to fix using a search-and-replace before import. Which the 
avalon team of course promises to do :D

I am sure that Steve, Niclas and Noel will have given, are giving or 
will give the code a thorough look as well.

As I see it, The only thing before graduation from incubation is an 
acknowledgement from Jim that Andreas' CLA and software grant have been 

Do we require a PMC vote on that as well? If so, should that vote occur 
before or after the initial import?


- Leo Simons

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