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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Fwd: MerlinDeveloper incubation query
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 10:06:22 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> Incubator not interested in providing advice?
> Incubator;  Could you please provide me with a "process" on how to proceed
> with this "IP transfer", as the "process" outlined on
> seems to be more extensive than is the case here
> (will not be a subproject, will not have separate CVS or mailing lists, et
> al. ).

Like I wrote on the Avalon PMC list (NB: the "you" referenced to is not
I agree with Noel that there's some IP/license things to figure out.
That means incubator pmc and avalon pmc should work *together*
to fix some things. I share your preference, but there's this board
decree we should be following. With my PMC hats on, I don't
care much for our preferences -- we should do what is right.

Not that it matters as much as you make it seem. You, me, Noel,
Niclas, we can sponsor the project. Noel creates a private
mailing list where the avalon PMC and Andreas work with the
incubator PMC (which would be Noel and me, actually), we run
over a checklist together, send the results to the incubator PMC,
get sign-off, everyone happy.

During that process, we can already import the code into the
avalon sandbox, Andreas already becomes a committer, and
normal development continues.

The incubator is not a scary monster that eats projects. It is, in fact
people like you and me, some mailing lists, some web pages and
an ASF officer with a PMC to handle some things for the ASF.

We should be able to do it in roughly a week, barring christmas

as for that checklist I mentioned, I believe its in CVS somewhere.
Basically, we ensure appropriate CLAs and code grants are on file, there
are no patent, copyright or trademark issues, and then we're done.

I agree that the above is not the most extensive or user friendly
process documentation; but that's because we're sort-of figuring it out
as we go.


- Leo

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