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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Fwd: MerlinDeveloper incubation query
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 01:20:53 GMT
On Thursday 08 January 2004 07:47, Leo Simons wrote:
> a code formatter (so I presume) has reformatted the ASL at the top of
> every sourcefile to have a layout different from what we are used to
> with the ASL (though the text is the same). This is something that's
> easiest to fix using a search-and-replace before import. Which the
> avalon team of course promises to do :D

I'll check and try to correct this. 
The point here is that Eclipse has a built-in code-formatter, which is highly 
desirable to use in a consistent manner (i.e. everyone working on the 
codebase has the same settings).
However, I didn't know that it was "tampering" with comments.
Legally speaking though, legal text layout is never an issue (remember; 
"Always read the fine print", where they try to hide what they don't want you 
to see).

> I am sure that Steve, Niclas and Noel will have given, are giving or
> will give the code a thorough look as well.

Have done so.

> As I see it, The only thing before graduation from incubation is an
> acknowledgement from Jim that Andreas' CLA and software grant have been
> received.


> Do we require a PMC vote on that as well? If so, should that vote occur
> before or after the initial import?

My proposal is that we do a combined vote at the Avalon PMC;
* Acceptance of this codebase
* Andreas as a committer
since it is fairly tightly coupled.


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