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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Fwd: MerlinDeveloper incubation query
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 01:23:56 GMT

Incubator not interested in providing advice?


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Subject: MerlinDeveloper incubation query
Date: Wednesday 31 December 2003 00:05
From: Niclas Hedhman <>
Cc: Andreas Oberhack <>


I am committer at Avalon and working on (among other things) IDE tools for
Avalon[1] and Merlin[2] in particular.
I have been in contact with Andreas Oberhack, who has previously done a fair
amount of work in this area already, and he is willing to put his code
straight into the IDE effort at Avalon.

Members of the Avalon PMC has mentioned that Incubation may be appropriate.

It is 31 Java source files, of various size, with dependency on XDoclet and
XStream (both BSD-styled licenses).

1. All source files has had the ASF license inserted.
2. The packages has been changed to
3. Andreas is about to fax the CLA in the next few days.

Incubator;  Could you please provide me with a "process" on how to proceed
with this "IP transfer", as the "process" outlined on seems to be more extensive than is the case here
(will not be a subproject, will not have separate CVS or mailing lists, et
al. ).

Should the Incubator PMC consider this as a subject for incubation, the
following Avalon PMC members are prepared to support by direct participation
and Mentoring of the project under the sponsorship of the Avalon PMC:

  Niclas Hedhman
  Stephen McConnell

Thank you.

Niclas Hedhman
Avalon committer and PMC member

[1] Avalon:
[2] Merlin:

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