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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject New proposed incubator CVS layout
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2003 15:20:14 GMT

This incubator CVS has the new site docs in it that is almost finished,
and needs the creation of the "standard" STATUS files for incubation
process tracking.

It has been (correctly IMO) said that the standard Forrest dir layout
makes the module too opaque. Ok, there is only one dir that is really
important, that is the src/documentation/content/xdocs dir, but it's...
well... a bit hidden.

Here is the layout I am now working on:

  - build/      (the built site)
  - site/       (the site docs)
  - resources/  (forms,project logos,etc)

In the root we will have:

   skinconf.xml       (needed for forrest) (needed for forrest)
   status.xml         (the incubator project status)
   README.txt         (that explains the structure and how to build
                       the site)

The site would be divided like this:

     - incubation/ (docs on teh incubation process)
     - learn/      (learn about Apache)
     - projects/   (incubation status of projects
                   *one* file per project)
         /success/ (projects that have exited positivly)
         /failure/ (projects that have not made it out of incubation)

Does this sound good?

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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