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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject STATUS file compared/contrasted with an issue tracker
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 14:39:34 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> AFAIK, Jira does not authenticate that the person entering the status
> information has the authority to do so, which is what we get with the
> cvs process.

When I asked Serge, he replied that "You can control what an unauthenticated
person can do.  It has very fine grained permission rules."  So apparently,
it does do authentication, although we'd want to ensure that the person
claiming to be so-and-so on the issue tracker was really that person.  As a
side note, I'll suggest that if we ever move to doing client auth over HTTPS
for Committers, we'd probably want the issue tracker to be capable of using
it, too.  However, for the purpose I'm suggesting it be used, does it need
to authenticate?

I suppose that one interesting issue with the STATUS file is its purpose /
how to use it.  The HTTPd project, since I just looked at the STATUS file
for httpd-2.0, seems to use it to record some bugs, list current project
status as a snapshot, record votes on decisions, etc.  In some ways, it
appears that HTTPd uses the STATUS file as an issue tracker, and the CVS
preserves the historical record (e.g., when things are removed).  Other
projects use bugzilla or (increasingly) Jira, and make far less use of the
STATUS file.  What should be normative use is certainly not clear to me.
Nor to Serge when he asked me about it.

I would expect the primary use for the STATUS file in the incubator module
to be the project's incubation status.

I agree with Nicola Ken (and you) about using the STATUS file for project
status, and had originally thought to suggest that such change requests
could be entered into the STATUS file, too.  However, it seems to me that an
issue tracker is better for managing for requests/action items.  The project
using it can always reject the request.  And I would expect, as a general
rule, that requests coming into a project will often be from people who
don't have authorization to either mandate the request or to change a STATUS
file, although in this instance, Greg certainly had both.

Is a request that a particular change be made to the web site a STATUS item
or a work item?  FWIW, there was no change made even to the STATUS file
AFAIK.  There was an e-mail, which was missed and/or not acted upon.  An
issue tracker would not permit that to happen.  The active nature of the
issue tracker is some thing that I feel provides a distinct advantage over
the STATUS file for tracking requests.

The ASF has different projects doing things differently.  In my opinion, one
of the interesting things with Incubator is that the Incubator is going to
bring out those differences, and help to illuminate best practices across
the ASF, not just for new projects.

	--- Noel

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