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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Improving the process
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 04:33:42 GMT
> People often lost the precious e-mails due to the current [spam]

Yes, spam can be an issue, as can be the sheer volume of e-mail, the fact
that Sam has been sick, and the fact that he didn't know how to implement
the change.  These things are being addressed.

Berin is posting vastly improved Incubator documentation.  I've put forth a
suggestion to address issue tracking, for which e-mail is not particularly
well-suited.  Sam has posted requests for better task lists and information.

> The root of the evil would be the inconsistency of the "incubator
> project" itself, I am sure.

It seems to me that the core issue has been lack of specificity, and
incubation of the incubator, itself.  I suggest that people focus on how to
improve what can and should be improved.  The real-world experiences of the
Incubator PMC, Project PMC, and project members are all helpful in improving
the Incubation process.

We can identify tools and best practices.  If we're going to use Forrest,
then I think it will be important to get ForrestBot running.  Right now, the
thinking is that moof will be better for it.  Either way, we need to get it
running, because we simply cannot expect every person to install Forrest.

> I suspect that the Incubator Project in the ASF is going to the
> opposite .... choking the embrio into death.... without sufficient
> "OXYGEN"..

Please don't confuse birthing pains with normal operation.

	--- Noel

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