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From alex black <>
Subject Re: [binarycloud-dev] Re: incubation requirements for axion at apache db?
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 22:31:14 GMT
Forgive my ignorance, but why was the binarycloud development list cc:d on
this message?

Though, I do find it interesting :)



> Rodney Waldhoff wrote:
> ...
>> The Apache DB bylaws (<>) and
>> subproject submission guidelines (<>)
>> state that a subproject must be approved by a 3/4 majority Apache DB PMC.
>> They make no mention of the Apache Incubator project, nor of any specific
>> incubation process.
> ...
>> Pages on the Incubator site (e.g.,
>> <>), seem to place the incubator
>> in a central role in the sub-project adoption process
> They are both correct. We are in the process of updating the website and
> the process, so I'll outline it briefly here.
> The incubation process, WRT responsibilities, is as follows:
> 1 - Any Apache PMC (project management commitee) or the Apache board
> approves the entrance of a project at Apache. They are the Sponsoring
> Entity.
> 2 - The Incubator is from that moment on responsible for the project,
> which will remain so till the Incubator votes for it to be "graduated"
> to the PMC that asked for it. If the PMC was the Incubator itself or the
> board, the project will have its own PMC.
> 3 - Incubation complete.
>> The Axion team would like to understand precisely what the incubation
>> requirements and process, if any, is necessary for a move to the Apache DB
>> project.
> Ok.
> So, since you would like to have a place under the DB Project, ask there
> to vote for acceptance. After that vote, you will automatically be under
> the Incubator, and incubation will take place.
> You will then need a Mentor, that has to be an Apache member, that will
> be responsible for your project and become part of this PMC for all the
> incubation.

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