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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: New Project Form
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 09:52:13 GMT
On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 08:56:55PM -0400, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> To help streamline the process of getting new projects setup, I've started a
> draft form, based upon the one Ted used over the summer.  I think he got it
> from Tetsuya originally.
> It needs additional work.  Expecially if the Scarab and Subversion sections
> are to be filled in.  But it is a start.
> 	--- Noel
> New Project Form:

For incubation, I *really* don't think you want separate dev/user mailing
lists. For most projects, you're working on setting up a new (ASF)
community. Starting off with a *partition* between the developers and
their end-users just doesn't seem like a good option.

And regarding the pushing of CVS commits to the dev list (the page doesn't
describe this, but some existing projects have done this): there are a lot
of people who want to participate in development discussions but are
completely uninterested in the commit emails. And given that users are on
that dev list, then there is a double-reason to keep the commit mails on a
separate list. It provides an opt-in for people who need/want to see
those. (of course, all committers should be on the cvs list; it is just
that not all devs are committers)

I recognize that you stated this at the top of the page, but the rest of
the page doesn't look like that at all. If anything, I'd recommend
altering the page to the dev/cvs mailing list pair, and adding a note that
an incoming project with a *large* user community *may* want to create a
separate user list. (tho I still think cvs should not forward to dev)

For the Subversion section, what is it that you're looking for? The URL
for the project?$TLP/$PROJECT/

Since the SVN repos is set up with repos-wide access, anybody can create
the initial directory(-ies). Committers need to be added to:


(an htpasswd file)

There is no separate configuration needed for anonymous or ViewCVS access
(like the cvspublic thing for cvs).

Is that what you were looking for? Anything else?


Greg Stein,

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