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From Tetsuya Kitahata <>
Subject Re: Disclaimer text for incubated projects
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 08:17:53 GMT

RoUS said,

> > People often lost the precious e-mails due to the current
> > Here "SPAM"
> > There "SPAM"
> > Everywhere "SPAM", "SPAM"
> oh, you mean like all the 'apache newsletter' messages i've received
> on just about every single asf list i'm on?  <grin/>

Iyyyyyaaaaaannn :-) Apparently they were not "cross-post"
(because of different Message-IDs and messages themselves).
Yeah, I made use of the marketing tool (I invented).
I do not intent to send SPAMs, of course :-P

Iyyyyyaaaaaannn... I have devoted myself to the "reduction of SPAM mails"
campaign and many committers would have come happy :-)

> > In the business world, "inbubation"/"incubator" is rather "ANGEL".
> > Full of "nurturing", "caring" attitudes towards the "embryo".
> funny, that's far from the definition of 'angel' i've inferred from
> people who have gone through the process of courting venture capital.

Daaaaaahhh. Really? such a venture capital will bankrupt in the near
future, I guess. (WoW)
Yeah, it is related to "child education" itself, too. Really difficult.

"hands-off policy" vs. "interventionism"

In the early stage of incubation, "interventionism" would be appreciated,
and "hands-off policy" would be welcomed in its final stage.
This project do not have (lacks) such a "policy" of the incubation.
That's a problem.
NOTE: In early stage of incubation, 'being ignored'/'ignore' would be
a taboo. The same goes for the child education. Such children would
become the WICKED, blackguards soon. Statistics shows.

> by the way, do you have *anything* positive to say about the
> incubator? :-/

Good point!? .. oh ... == TWO KENS ==. that's enough :-)

Ken is the name of "law-abiding" and "healthy" (in japanese)
I hope the "incubated" project would become law-abiding, nice ASF
citizens and at the same time would be able to form healthy communities.



-- Tetsuya. (

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