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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: Request for Guidance
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 03:07:34 GMT
> From: "Roy T. Fielding" <>

> Er, I have way too much experience with wikis to trust them as
> the source for normative documents -- that's why we use cvs.

I'm explaining myself *very* badly today, my

There are two documents I (and others) are 
currently working on.

The first is the "IncubatorMussings" document.
Currently in Wiki, I am about to transfer to CVS
as a draft document.  It is a process description

The second is the "IncubatorPolicyDraft".  This
is embryonic only, and is in Wiki until it's a bit
more advanced.  This is (or is envisionned to be) 
the "real" policy document.  When it is a bit 
further on, and those who want to have had some
input, I will move it to CVS.

When they are both complete (i.e. not yet), I
would see the second document - the Policy - as
being the normative reference for Incubation.
The former is far more descriptive and is purely
to help incubees along the path.  As such, it is
*not* normative.  If there is an argument between
these two documents (or in fact with any other
document/reference), then the Policy document is

Of course this does not occur until the Policy
document is moved from Wiki to CVS and is agreed
by all parties as being correct.  Thus the
comment in the previous e-mail that I see the
Policy document as being a document that should
possibly be subject to a formal vote, but (what I
should have clarified) is that this would only
happen once it is out of Wiki and in CVS as a 
controlled document.

Hope that makes a bit more sense.


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