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Subject Re: Sub-project -> TLP
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 23:17:32 GMT
"Craig R. McClanahan" <> wrote on 24/09/2003 08:39:08 

> As a committer on a (hopefully :-) mature Jakarta subproject (Struts), I 

As a committer on top level and not top level projects:

> think there's another dimension here.  Can we articulate the advantages 
> of becoming a TLP in such a way that the idea sells itself?  Marketing 
> is about creating demand, not browbeating or threatening people into 
> acceptance.  Off the top of my head ... advantages include:
> * Your own website, mailing lists, etc. (although this is 
>   a marketing/perception issue than a real technical one -- a bookmark
>   doesn't care if its "" or "").

This is a vanity/ego issue from what I can tell. I think maven had as many 
users inside jakarta as out.

> * Your own representation to the ASF board.  This is probably the
>   most important single factor, to the extent that you can influence 
>   ASF policies more directly.

As a member of a top level project, I don't see that I can influence ASF 
policies any more than if the project was inside Jakarta. This seems to be 
the realm of ASF members, rather than committers.

> * Within the scope of the board resolution that authorized your TLP,
>   you can create your own sub-projects, to better scale to a larger
>   population of involved developers.

I'm not sure how this is a benefit to the project committers who are 
interested in writing code.

> There are also potential negatives, not the least of which is the amount 

> of process related work being asked of people who just want to use their 

> available open source time on code.

I really haven't seen this as part of being a TLP. There has been very 
little 'overhead'.

> Overall, I suspect the lack of a stampede towards TLP-hood has more to 
> do with lack of knowledge of the advantages, or indifference towards 
> them, and possibly fear that even mature subprojects that want to 
> graduate will have to undergo the incubation process :-), than it does 
> anything else.
I also feel there's a "don't fix what isn't broken" attitude most of us 
have. If it works ok now, why change.

The issue of Jakarta's lack of oversight doesn't impact on the individual 

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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