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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: roles and responsibilities
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 03:35:42 GMT
> Go for it!

Did.  Done.  But I did not incorporate the other comments relating directly
to Berin's question, so ...

> I'm still thinking about Berin's questions but I think your response
> makes sence - (I'm thinking about actual scenarios and how this may
> pan-out with an eye for the potential pitfalls that may exist for
> podlings).


To borrow from an Irish expression, I believe that a project ought to start
out as it intends to go on.  If an incubated project is going to end up
under a PMC, it ought to start out working as closely within that Community
as incubation permits.  I believe that to be important in the eventual
success of that project's Community.  The project is still under incubation,
though, and the Incubator PMC still needs to make sure that all of the
incubation policies / procedures are observed.

Likewise, if the project is intended to become at TLP, at some point the
Sponsor and Incubator PMC need to help start building a proto-PMC within the
project, preparing that project for eventual TLP status.  Eventually it will
be possessed of the same rights and responsibilities as all other TLPs,
including having its PMC Chair as an Officer of the Foundation.

	--- Noel

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