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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: roles and responsibilities
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 02:37:16 GMT

> >
> Had a read.  Great stuff :>.

At a quick glance, I see some things to change.

 - there has not been stated a minimum community size to start
 - it has been explicitly stated that a project does NOT need
   to have its exit destination known at entry time.

Clearly a project will not leave the Incubator without meeting those
criteria, but they are not required entry criteria.

> What is the break up of responsibility between the Incubator
> PMC and the Sponsoring PMC in cases such as XMLBeans.  In
> these cases, the Sponsoring PMC seems to take on much of the
> role that is discussed in the document.

In my view, the Sponsoring PMC *should* take an active role.  But the
Incubator PMC is still responsible for making sure that all of criteria are
met before letting it into the ASF proper.  Looking over the document, the
Sponsoring PMC would be in the role of Sponsor, and is invested in project
and Community building, whereas the Incubator PMC is still acting as the
gatekeeper, ensuring the legal protection of the ASF.  Whatever tasks the
Sponsor overtakes to help shephard the project, which can reduce the
workload on the Incubator PMC, the Incubator PMC still has that final

	--- Noel

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