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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: ASF member role - accountable to whom
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 00:06:41 GMT

> >   Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

> ROTFL. Statistics won't tell a lie.

> Would you like to damn off the Vadim's

No.  However, someone naively looking at them, and not knowing about
mirroring and the inconsistent state across the ASF with respect to that
transition would be likely to draw incorrect beliefs.

Statistics can be terribly misleading, while appearing to say something
correct and meaningful.  You posted statistics related to volume of posting.
But why?  I don't consider it a meaningful statistic.


  - the person who devotes time and energy to the utterly
    glamourless and totally thankless job of handling all
    of the Foundation's paperwork.

  - someone who sees a need by various projects that is
    not being filled, fills that need at considerable
    personal financial expense, and to compound it, sees
    the effort (rightly or wrongly) raise concernss over
    oversight and security.

  - people who are quitely working behind the scenes to
    make sure that mail is delivered, accounts are created,
    servers are upgraded, etc.

None of that is represented in statistics related to e-mail volume.  There
are quite a few people whose efforts go unsung, unappreciated, and
undervalued by most.

But if you want to consider just people who express some thought on a
particular issue, such as the incubator, please answer me this ... to whose
words should I listen: the prattling fool who goes on and on with little
thought, or the wise haiku master who expresses deep concepts in a few
well-chosen and long-thought-out words that inspire those who hear them?  I
deliberately picked extremes, and am *not* ascribing those characteristics
to anyone (OK, Roy can be the haiku master), but I trust that I have made my
point: quantity and quality are not related.

	--- Noel

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