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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] PMC Vote to incubate Directory Project
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:11:57 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> Personally, I think it is an excellent proposal except for one item:
> Java is not the center of the universe.  Either this project should
> consider all languages (seems unlikely, unless you already have those
> other people in place), or the project should be named after the
> product name and not the whole category of software.  A name like
> "jeldap" (I've only seen that word used in relation to turbine)
> would get you past a number of hurdles.

Java is simply the chosen implementation platform for an RFC-compliant
server, just as C/APR is the implementation platform for the HTTP server.
The wire-level protocol is RFC based and language neutral.  The project can
host other languages when appropriate, and would certainly provide
information on other language bindings for LDAP.

Yes, the Java platform has adopted JNDI fairly comprehensively, and because
Java is the chosen implementation language, that permits the project to span
the additional needs of the Java platform by sharing code between the
language-neutral LDAP portions, and Java-specific JNDI packages.  Likewise,
one of the goals is to provide an embeddable variation of the server
suitable for deployment within Java containers, but I don't believe that
these additional platform synergies diminish the project's language-neutral
offerings.  The project should be able to collaborate well with both Java
and non-Java projects.

We have already discussed mod_ldap, for example.  Personally, I believe that
the natural place for mod_ldap would still be the httpd project, because it
is more properly categorized by its mod_-ness than its ldap-ness.  But the
proposed Directory project would expect to be responsible for being the core
repository of expertise on all things related to the overall Directory
realm, and would collaborate with projects across the Foundation to maintain
information related to using other languages and packages (either by content
or by reference).  If there weren't a natural place elsewhere for a given
piece, I would expect it to host sample code written in C/C++, Perl, PHP,
Python, and, yes, Java.  And to attract suitable sub-projects in multiple
languages, once it was mature enough to act as a sub-project host.

I hope that this alleviates any concern over language-centricity, even
though the diversity of code won't be present from the first days of

	--- Noel

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