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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Getting the distribution onto a download site somewhere ...
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 02:17:54 GMT

> if there is a version that has been finished / super tested, etc,
> it seems a little sily not to make it stable.

Stable, yes.  Labeled as an ASF Release, no.  In my view.

I am not on the Incubator PMC, but I feel that a project still bearing
incubator status should not be permitted to make a Release.  Release status
carries an imprimatur inappropriate for a project that has not entered the
ASF proper.  Basically, I would consider that by definition, on the basis
that if a project is ready to make a Release, and isn't ready to leave the
Incubator, then any reasons keeping it in the Incubator are reasons why it
should not make a Release.  Yes, if a project is ready to produce a Release,
its status in the Incubator should be examined to see whether or not it has
been successfully fledged, and any issues keeping it in the Incubator should
be the focus of work to resolve.

Projects under incubation should be permitted to put out test builds clearly
indicated as such.  I am not particularly concerned about whether a test
build is located under or, but the Incubator PMC might have a
stronger opinion.

	--- Noel

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