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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Exit Criteria
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 06:46:06 GMT

> There are a few XML beans specific items in this list, but I'd like to
> propose that we start a discussion of exit criteria based on this list.

Seems a reasonable starting point.  I took the liberty of putting a generic
version of it on the Wiki:  I don't
agree with each item, or at least give them equal weight, but I tried to
preserve them pending discussion.

 - Legal

I didn't see any that struck me as optional.  One thing not present was
vetting the code to make sure that there are no IP issues.  I suspect that
the Incubator PMC is accummulating experience on legal issues to expand the

 - Meritocracy / Community

Some are more subjective area, but I largely agree with your points.  Not
sure, though, what you have in mind with respect to infrastructure@.  And
there would be more items in the event that the podling is to be a TLP.

 - Alignment / Synergy

I am a big fan of eating one's own dogfood where possible.  It helps to
improve the taste and quality.  And builds stronger communities.

 - Infrastructure

Looked right, but subject to change as the infrastructure evolves.  Also,
not everyone is easily tied into the web of trust.  I haven't physically
seen an ASF participant in close to a year.  I suppose that Dion Gillard and
I can sign each other's keys when we see each other in another month.  I
don't know whom else will be there.  But that's a minor point.

Reading some of the incubator STATUS files was instructive to see what
problems have occurred.

	--- Noel

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