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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] PMC Vote to incubate Directory Project
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 16:14:22 GMT
> I have no problem with protocol-centric projects, and no problem with
> language-centric projects, but I do have a problem with protocol-centric
> projects that assume one implementation language is "best".

OK, I've seen enough language wars to understand your a priori concern.
Mind you, not everyone who uses Java is a language zealot.

> So, if the project is going to be language-agnostic, then
> I want that written into the charter and growth anticipated.

We tried to anticipate this issue when preparing the proposal, and did
intentionally focus on the problem domain, rather than the platform,
excepting where the platform permitted *additional* synergies with other
projects (code sharing and embedding with related Java projects).
Apparently we did not do it sufficiently, but the intent is there, as is the
willingness to resolve the matter.

> If someone else comes to Apache and says they want to start
> an LDAP server project using, for example, the Netscape code
> base (C++, I think) and another comes in wanting to establish
> a Python library for builtin calls to LDAP, should the ASF
> direct those projects to this same group or to their own projects?

Aren't Xerces-[C|J] and Xalan-[J|C] under the XML banner?  Not being a
member of those projects, I'd appreciate hearing the experiences of those
who are, and from their PMC.

Yes, I can see the potential of possibly growing too big for proper
oversight, and needing to split out, leaving the language-agnostic items in
the language-agnostic location.  But, in a sense, haven't those things
already happened, as projects were refactored from Jakarta to XML to
elsewhere (e.g., their own TLP or Web Services)?

On the other hand, when(if) matured to TLP status, I'd imagine that there
would be some infrastructure related to particular implementations, and
parts related to all sorts of portable issues, such as schema, RFCs, ASN,
protocol testing, etc., that are common ground.  And, quite honestly, I do
not see that type of collaboration happening if the semantic domain isn't
given a home.

	--- Noel

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