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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Why top level is good for you [was Re: [PROPOSAL] PMC Vote to incubate Directory Project]
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 20:23:00 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > I think that you are raising an orthogonal issue.  You are talking about
> > wanting to be able to keep up with the ASF more easily and effectively.

> I agree, that this topic *can* be ortogonal. However, currently it isn't,
> as you well know.

Well, now that we agree that the issues are orthogonal, please understand
that the corporate structure related to TLPs is deemed necessary by the ASF
Board in order to convey legal protection.  Stefano has gone into some
detail on that subject.

Now, as for the web site issues, you won't get an argument from me.  I have
referred to locating information on the ASF sites as a scavenger hunt.  Last
year at Colorado Software Summit, I was doing 90 minute presentations just
covering the Java-related parts of Apache.

Perhaps you might want to look around the ASF; find appropriate
technologies; take into account scalability, security, etc., and start to
talk about how the ASF can better use our technologies to enable you to find
what you need.

For example, what if we had an RSS aggregator and RSS feeds from different
projects?  Or what if we had a portal site where people could customize
their view?  OK, I can imagine the infrastructure team absolutely in a panic
over those two sentences, and quite rightly so.  We deliver far too many
page hits to operate that way with our hardware.  But working out how to
efficiently deliver a "" would be an interesting project.  I
suspect that there are people in WSRP4J land currently jumping up and down
with their hands waving in the air at the moment.  ;-)

So please do keep in mind that the corporate structure of the ASF and your
ability to locate the information that YOU want to have do NOT have to be

I am addressing your Community questions in a separate reply.

	--- Noel

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