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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: roles and responsibilities
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:27:35 GMT
> > let's make sure we're agreed on terminology here.  so far, the terms
> > 'sponsor', 'shepherd', and 'mentor' have been conflated.  my view is
> > that the latter two are the same and refer to a single individual, and
> > that a sponsor is either that same person or the asf project that has
> >said 'the podling has a home here when it's done.'

> +1.   I don't think that we need have multiple people fufill all these
> roles.  If the sponsor/shepherd/mentor is going to be a member of the
> incubator PMC (see 1 above), then they ought to be trusted to follow the
> incubator guidlines (once they exist).  Do we really need this much
> check and balance?

Seems so, but that's why in my mind I invest the "Sponsor" and "Mentor" role
in the same person, and the "Shephard" is the check and balance, to use your
term.  How much a check and balance depends upon the Sponsor/Mentor.  If
that person is really doing a great job, the Shephard's job is easier.  If
the Sponsor/Mentor needs a bit of help, perhaps because of inexperience
incubating projects, the Shephard needs to step in a bit more.  Incubating
the Sponsor/Mentor, if you will.  But always providing oversight.

That scales better.  The Sponsor/Mentor is an interested party in the
success of the project.  The Shephard is an Incubator PMC member experienced
in incubation issues.  That separation also matches what I understand from
Nicola Ken and others.  Ken's comment about the Incubator PMC being composed
of "a set of passionate asf people who are essentially in agreement about
what makes something a genuine 'apache'-style project" still holds true.

I agree with Ken's concern about a PMC being a "Sponsor", but I think I
addressed that in earlier comments about a Member or Officer (e.g., the PMC
Chair) being the Sponsor, and that one can delegate tasks, but not
responsibility.  My "tweak" doesn't accept the idea of an "absentee" Sponsor
waiting for the podling to grow up.

	--- Noel

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