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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: incubator, exit and publication
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 18:21:49 GMT
On Sunday, September 28, 2003, at 01:04 AM, Stephen McConnell wrote:

> robert burrell donkin wrote:
>> (sorry stephen i should have probably been clearer.)
>> i was looking for an official(ish) statement from roy or one of the 
>> other senior (board level) ASF folks.
>> (i'm happy to take active steps to ensure that ASF policy is enforced by 
>> the jakarta pmc - and any other project's i'm involved with - but only 
>> if i'm confident that i understand completely the policy and know that 
>> the policy comes from the ASF.)
> It has been probaly more than a year since I read the board minutes 
> concerning the chartering of the Jakarta PMC. From memory is much that 
> same content as recent PMC charters in that the Jakarta PMC is charged 
> with responsibility for setting its own policies and procedures. As such,
>  the starting point in understanding the applicable procedures is the 
> qualification of which policies and procedures have been formally (or 
> informally) established by the Jakarta PMC.
> From that point you have an idea what it is that you aim to enforce.

i don't think that this is right. the charter expresses the scope of the 
mission and lays down some procedures. jakarta can probably look after 
enforcing it's interpretation of it's charter.

IMHO what people should be more concerned about is enforcing the policy of 
the ASF as promulgated by the board. but in order to enforce this policy, 
it needs to be clearly stated so that the folks on the pmc (such as myself)
  can understand precisely what's meant by it.

- robert

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