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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: committer process
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:00:31 GMT

On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 06:15  PM, Greg Stein wrote:
> The root of the problem here is that most of the ASF (including myself)
> was not really aware of a lot of the rationale for why the httpd PMC 
> was
> constructed and managed in the fashion it is. About this time last 
> year,
> we had a *lot* of conversations around the structure and organization 
> of
> the ASF, and a lot of this was discovered and discussed. There is now a
> lot of backfill that needs to occur, but (still) has not.

I think some of this results from the fact that, for quite
awhile, we had (almost) 2 poles of how things worked.
One was the old httpd method where committers very
naturally and almost "automatically" moved up to
PMC and ASF members. There were 3 separate camps, but more
like 3 different "stages" (think of something like
insect growth: larva - pupa - adult, no other meanings
suggested by this analogy :) ).

The other was the Jakarta mode where there were 3 camps.
And the # of committers was much large than their representative
PMCs and membership. There was also some concern over
oversight and the fact that many committers couldn't give
a fig about the ASF itself and had no real desire to
be anymore than "just" committers.

The general results was that the way that httpd did things was
likely "more right" (regarding supporting the goals and intents
of the ASF) than the way Jakarta did it. The Incubator was one
result of this.

I'm CCing the Incubator because this may also address some
questions from the general Incubator populace as well.

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