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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Request for Guidance
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:55:26 GMT
Incubator PMC People,

Would be great to get some guideance and direction on the recent 
activities that have been occuring.  I have a (not trying to be smart) 
terrible fear that I might be wasting my time, and I *hate* doing that. 
  I'd prefer to be officially told now to re-focus or stop before we go 
any further.

Last week I wrote an e-mail [1] with some thoughts on how to move the 
policy and process documents forward.  Got some thoughts, but I believe 
we are at the point where we need some specific decisions from the PMC 
on a number of issues.  In particular :

1.  A few of us have created a process description document [2] based on 
thoughts and discussions on this list.

- Is this useful?
- Does the PMC wish to approve it?  (I would have thought yes?)
- If so, should we Forrest it as a guidelines document for the web site?
- Alternatively, if it needs to be changed, what do we need to do to get 
it to a point where it can be approved, and what do you want to do with 
it from there?

2.  As discussed in [1] I have put some thoughts on a page for a policy 
document [3].  Very skeleton, still contains a huge amount of raw copied 
text and purely there as a strawman to get discussion going.

- Is a "normative", thin as possible reference such as this appropriate?
- If not, what should be done in this space that the PMC will be 
comfortable with?

3.  [1] discussed message lists and CVS modules for policy/procedures. 
How do you wish us to proceed with this?  There were some comments, but 
no real conculusion.  I believe we are starting to get to the point 
where some of this documentation should be tracked and controlled.

4.  Ken has put together a first cut at a generic PMC Charter.  Where do 
we want to end up with this?

5.  Similarly the strawman Incubator PMC charter?


P.S. Maybe we need an Incubator Release Plan?

P.P.S Feel free to tell me to mind my own business on 4 and 5.


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